ArtsBridge America Conference May 14-16 in Salt Lake City!

We're excited to be hosting the ArtsBridge America national conference this May.  Registration is open, so please sign up as soon as you can to take advantage of the limited number of free hotel rooms included in the conference budget.



The Reading In Motion training portion of this national conference is made possible by a generous grant from:

New Leadership for ArtsBridge America

Greetings ArtsBridge America,

The time has come to pass the torch. ArtsBridge America Directors Jill Beck and Kim Burge have both now retired from their university positions. We are thrilled that Kerri Hopkins and the University of Utah have stepped up in a big way to revitalize ArtsBridge and support the extended ArtsBridge program.

Jill Beck said in an email to Kerri: "I would love for you to take active direction of ABA. It is a successful program because of the outstanding people and institutions that are involved."

Kim Burge mentioned in another email: "It is gratifying to know that someone with Kerri’s knowledge, energy and excitement is willing to take it on."

Kerri will be sending more news on soon. Thank you, Kerri, for providing new leadership and to the rest of you for keeping the program thriving. We all wish ABA the very best with your current and future endeavors.

In the meantime, as has been true for the last several years, some research and publication services will continue to be provided by the Center for Learning through the Arts at the University of California, Irvine, at: There you will be able to continue to access the Journal for Learning through the Arts, the book series, and the paper series. Maureen Burns will continue to provide technical and production support for this site.

In the next few weeks, a special issue of the JLtA will be published that was guest edited by the US Department of Education. It will be followed by an extensive issue in 2015 edited by Kim Burge. The paper series still has a category devoted to ArtsBridge, which contains historical information that may still be of interest.   Please keep us in the loop, so we can continue to stay in touch and root for you!


Warmest regards to all,

Kim Burge, Former ArtsBridge America Director,

Maureen Burns, Production Editor, Journal for Learning through the Arts,

Liane Brouillette, Managing Editor, Journal for Learning through the Arts,

New ABA website!

A new web page is currently under construction for the National ArtsBridge network of educators!  If you've found this page, you already have an idea of what the page is going to look like and the features that it will have.  If there is anything an ArtsBridge director or Scholar would like to see in the web page, feel free to comment!